Counselling Experience – anonymous

Jul 16, 2022

I was very nervous when I contacted a counsellor for the first time in order to arrange an initial appointment. I was wondering “What do I say? How much do they need to know about my reasons to access counselling?” I was put at ease when a friendly voice answered my call and invited me to our first meeting.

The most important thing in my experience as a client was the relationship I developed with my counsellor. To be honest, it took me a while to open up to her even though I knew counselling was confidential. I started trusting her because she listened and accepted me for who I was. It was okay to be me. I never felt judged or criticised by her. She sat with me when I was sad, anxious, frustrated and in despair. Her presence was warm and she understood me. She celebrated with me when I made progress and laughed with me when I shared something funny.

Sometimes, I did not have to say a lot and felt understood by her. It was safe to explore things that I would usually brush under the carpet or try not deal with. As I felt not alone in the sessions with my counsellor, I was ready to look at the unpleasant, uncomfortable and sticky things in my life. At times I felt exposed and vulnerable and my counsellor responded in a reassuring way. I felt valued.

Counselling helped me to accept myself more, to have greater compassion for myself, to manage better when I feel anxious and to feel stronger in myself. My relationships have become more meaningful. I am very grateful for what I learnt in my counselling sessions.

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