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People access counselling for a variety of reasons and at different stages in their life. Counselling provides a safe space to explore and process struggles or difficulties and leads to a greater understanding of oneself. It helps to heal and to manage challenges in a healthy way. Talking to a counsellor is an opportunity to not face things on your own.

There are common reasons that bring people to counselling; however, each individual’s story is different. I recognize and value the uniqueness of each person and their experience. Hence, this is integrated into my practice as a counsellor.

I integrate different humanistic counselling approaches whereby the person-centred approach is the foundation of my practice. The aim is always to establish a therapeutic relationship with my clients.

Therefore, I will offer you a safe and confidential space to share your story and to feel listened to. A space where you feel able to say how it is and you feel understood without being judged. I will be genuine, show you empathy and go at your pace. Together we will work through what you bring to our sessions.

My clients have commented that to have the space to tell their story to someone who listens and understands them but does not judge them is invaluable. This experience helped them to work through some difficult issues.

I will be committed to see you for as long as that commitment enhances your development and well-being. Equally, when you are ready, I will support you with the ending of our sessions. The duration of attending counselling varies and I offer both short-term and open-ended counselling.

I have worked with some people short term, focusing on a specific problem or issue. Others choose to explore something over a longer period of time.

I offer individual and couples counselling to clients aged 16 and older. We can meet in a counselling room in Taunton, or outdoors or online. The counselling room offers access for people whose mobility is restricted, including wheelchair users.

I can help with (this list is not exhaustive): relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression, burnout, loss, bereavement, grief, trauma, low self-esteem, abuse, stress, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, identity issues, work-related issues…

Walk & Talk


Walk and Talk means to have the counselling session outdoors whilst going for a walk. I offer Walk and Talk sessions in the Taunton area and use routes that are quiet.

My interest in counselling outdoors stems from my own experience. I have noticed in myself that I can find it easier to talk about difficult issues when walking next to someone rather than sitting opposite them. I have noticed a similar reaction in other people who open up more when walking.

If you are interested in Walk and Talk, I will assess whether it is appropriate for you during our free initial consultation which will take place indoors.



I can meet you online using a video conferencing platform.

Before each session, I will email you a hyperlink to access the online meeting space. You will require some basic IT skills and a stable internet connection.

In order to ensure confidentiality you will also need to join the sessions from a quiet and private environment.